For Tenants

Check out the "Properties" tab above for properties that are currently available for rent or coming soon.   Call our office for more details about any of these properties.

We do full background checks on any person 18 years of age and older who will occupy the premises or be a co-signer on the lease.  These background checks are to be paid for by the tenant applicant at the time application is made.  We process application in the order they are received, but the final selection is made in colloboration with the property owner and our property manager staff according to the merits of the background checks.  

Our current background check/application fees are as follows:

$50 for a married couple.

$40 per single adult (18 years of age & older)

These application fees may be paid using the "PAY" link on our Home Page.

For Property Owners & Investors:

Property Management Services available include:
Tenant Placement
Rent Collection
Eviction Process
Property Maintenance and Repair
Make-Ready between tenants
Lawn & Landscaping Services
Select any or all according to your needs.  
Competitive rates.

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